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Embossed porcelain dinnerware set——Ray

Embossed porcelain dinnerware set——Ray

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Decoration can reach the beauty of natural simplicity, which is a very high state, and relief decoration has reached this state. The exquisite embossed decorations are neat and regular, quietly located in a suitable position, neither public nor polished. The simple and elegant color of white highlights the original complex decorations, and the extremely decorative elements return to the original color. In this white realm, the beauty of tranquility is added.

This tableware is designed with embossed craftsmanship, and white porcelain is used as the material of the ceramic tableware. After being fired at a high temperature, the white porcelain presents a pure white color, and the embossed design allows the tableware to reflect to different degrees in the sun, so that the tableware as a whole can still show a unique beauty without the decoration of gorgeous accessories. , The product consists of 4 pieces of ceramics of different shapes, including 4 pieces of 10.5-inch large plates, 4 pieces of 7.5-inch small plates, 4 pieces of white porcelain relief bowls and 4 pieces of 12-ounce cups. In the design, use a line design with a more obvious concavity and convexity. Make the tableware more beautiful as a whole. At the same time, because this white porcelain has been fired at a high temperature, the tableware has better temperature resistance and excellent quality, and can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. Fits the daily use habits of modern families.

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