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Solitude Collection-18pcs porcelain dinner set

Solitude Collection-18pcs porcelain dinner set

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Service for 4 that includes 4 of each of the following: 10.75″ Dinner Plates, 8.25″ Dessert Plates, 6.75″ (28 OZ) Artisan Bowls, 4.75″ (9 OZ) Fruit Bowls, beautiful dishes that are also dishwasher and microwave safe.
Two 10.2 inch dinner plates, Two 8.27 inch dessert plates, Two soup/salad bowls. Whether you’re serving lunch, dinner, breakfast, this dinner sets will fit all your needs.Meeting All your need.
It is elegant design adds a special visual characteristic to it. Each style has its own unique features. this blue looks elegant which is best choice for gift. It is very suitable for home use
stoneware material with reactive glaze; Elegant desing helps you set your table in style. Suitable for different styles of table. The beautiful colors create a beautiful tablescape for any occasion
Reactive refers to a technique how multiple colors within the glaze react together to create a dreamlike, vibrant quality to the colors and hues. As a result of the reactive nature of the glaze, each stoneware piece is unique. The high firing temperature, thick build, and mix of all-natural clay, makes stoneware an incredibly durable material. The double bowl creates an added level of convenience for all desired meals.


We at WWS Ceramic pride ourselves on our for color. We take extra care to ensure our colors are as vibrant and beautiful as possible, and that they stay the way for a long time.
A thick layer of protective glaze over the design both your food and extends a smooth- to-touch glossy surface.
Nothing beats the feeling of real ceramic dinnerware.
Additionally, the temperatures at which we fire our clay ensure that the product will not crack in the dishwasher and microwave.

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