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Our Factory
Wellwares is the solution provider, not just supplier.


1. Production Factory -- Environmental-Protection Qualified by NEPA
Wellwares plant is updated with the latest environmental-protection facilities.
The factory has been well-qualified by NEPA(National Environmental Protection Agency), additionally,our environmental protection equipment completely meets the national environmental protection requirementsand is connected with the national network, which make sure the production more guaranteed.

2. At Wellwares, all our products are produced from reliable and environmental-qualified factories of the industry.
We are biggest producer and exporter in the northern part of China. Since 1999, Wellwares owns 3 share-holder factories, producing earthenware/hand-painted, stoneware/solid color, porcelain/decal, porcelain/embossed, mug, bowl, plate.
Among these products, over 50% are supplied to Wellwares.

Besides,Wellwares also have another 5 cooperated factories and 20% of their production are offered to wellwares order. Moreover, we arrange 2 QC staffs in each factory to make sure products qualified before shipping, thus we have a good control of the factories production capacity and quality.


3. Package & Decal Factory

Package Factory: Dongguan Jiade Package Technology Co., Ltd.

Facility: Germany KBA & Roland 5 Color Printer
Japan Mitsubishi 5 Color Printer


4. World Famous Compliance & Audits

World-Famous Factory Audit: Walmart, Target, BSCI, Sedex, Costco,WCA (Workplace Conditions assessment),Woolworths, Disney.

Our factories have gotten through the authorized audit: Walmart, Target, BSCI, Sedex, Costco,WCA (Workplace Conditions assessment), Woolworths, Disney etc. Therefore, the quality and delivery date are guaranteed.


5. Extensive Collection Showroom

In September 2015, Wellwares set up new show room with an area of 200 square meters.
Our showroom is home to the most extensive collection of ceramic daily-use tableware, a vast selection includes: hand-painted/embossed/spray/decal/pad printing/ glazed and so on.
We also support bespoken articles.