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Morandi matte glaze stoneware tableware set

Morandi matte glaze stoneware tableware set

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The Matte Morandi colorful glaze ceramic tableware set is a high-grade gray that has been popular in the past two years, suitable for almost all visible places, hair color, matching and home decoration. As we all know, high-grade gray is not more vivid than color, it shows a simple, not strong color emotion, low-purity, low-saturation high-grade gray has super high plasticity, the name of this high-grade color system is Morandi color system. Today we are introducing a product that uses morandi color as a product glaze choice, and at the same time, it combines morandi color with matte material. It perfectly reflects the special texture of this set of materials.

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This set of tableware has a more complete set of items to make this tableware suitable for any family. In addition to the daily use of dinner plate, side plate, bowl, mug, there are also large soup cups and soup plates for everyone to choose from. The specially designed soup cup and Morandi color combine to give different color feelings. And the frosted material can better set off the texture performance of the ceramic material in the tableware. Make the product as a whole more advanced. After the product is fired at high temperature, it has excellent heat resistance and product quality. It is more suitable for people’s home use, making this product more suitable for daily use. This matt Morandi colorful glazed ceramic tableware can be used in microwaves and dishwashers.

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