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Porcelain embossed pad printing bowl set

Porcelain embossed pad printing bowl set

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The combination of embossing and pad printing makes this white porcelain tableware more beautiful. The mix and match of blue and white matches the clean color and texture of white porcelain. While using it, this tableware brings a fresh and pure feeling. It uses traditional spots and geometric triangles to mix and match. The edge of the bowl uses solid color lines and matches the craftsmanship of line relief. The surface uses bright glaze to make the hand feel smoother. The dining process is more atmospheric.

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If you like to mix and match, this tableware will be your best choice. This embossed pad printing bowl uses a variety of sizes, and different sizes of porcelain bowls can be used for different foods. The small 4.5-inch bowl is suitable for rice and side dishes, the medium 6.25-inch bowl can be used for dishes or bread, and the large 8.25-inch bowl can be used for salads shared by the family. And all the bowls can be matched in different sizes according to your preferences, and it supports customized mail-order packaging, which is suitable for the needs of online shopping. This tableware is fired at high temperature and can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. Fits the daily use of the family. It is a better choice for family tableware.

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