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16pcs Marble Design Stoneware Tableware

16pcs Marble Design Stoneware Tableware

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This product uses a special ceramic picture technology, cloud glaze technology, by placing the tableware in a special glaze, the picture is irregularly copied on the surface of the tableware to achieve a natural picture effect. The resulting picture is similar to the effect of marble, so that the tableware has a better texture. In terms of material selection, we have two different materials for you to choose. One is stoneware with better heat resistance. Stoneware is because of its material. With good temperature resistance, it is not easy to increase the temperature due to the use of microwave ovens. Thereby ensuring safer daily use. But stoneware porcelain also has its shortcomings, that is, the color of stoneware is not white enough, but in this design, it can improve the overall picture texture of the tableware. The bright glaze is selected as the outer glaze to make the product smoother and easier to clean. . In addition to stoneware materials, we also have white porcelain materials for you to choose from. White porcelain tableware has a cleaner white color. Similar to this one, its colors can also be produced using the same process.

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In addition to the marble texture pattern made by the new process, we can also use pad printing to produce it, which can ensure the same picture effect and at the same time reduce the price of the product through the pad printing process. As a process that has emerged in recent years, pad printing is increasingly being respected by the market in the production of daily-use tableware. In the production of monochrome printing, only one process is required to process the product picture, and only one person can complete one. Series operations. It not only saves time and cost, but also saves labor.

The product includes 16 tableware, suitable for 4 people, including 4 10.5-inch stoneware large plates and 4 7.5-inch ceramic tableware salad plates. Four 5.5-inch stoneware bowls and four 12-ounce cups. It is suitable for the daily use habits of the family. At the same time, because our tableware is fired at high temperature, it can be used in a microwave oven or a dishwasher, which is suitable for the daily use of a modern family.

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