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Rose pattern lotus decal white porcelain tableware set

Rose pattern lotus decal white porcelain tableware set


Rose pattern lotus decal white porcelain tableware set




20pcs Dinner Set

10.5″dinner plate;

7.5″salad plate;

7.25″soup bowl;

220cc Coffee cup and saucer




Rose deacl

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Ceramic decal printing is to move the colorful patterns on the decal paper to the ceramic body or glaze surface by pasting method. Also known as “shifting flowers”. The production process of ceramic decal paper is printing porcelain ink, which is made of ceramic pigment and oil. The flower paper printed with porcelain ink and attached to the porcelain must be baked at 780°C and 800°C before it can show various bright colors on the surface of the porcelain.

The West regards roses as a symbol of keeping secrets strictly. When guests saw roses painted on the table above the host’s family, they knew that everything discussed on this table could not be spread, so there was Sub rosa, “under the roses”. Latin idiom. The English word under the rose is derived from the German unter der Rosen. In ancient German banquet halls, meeting rooms, and hotel restaurants, roses are often painted or engraved on the ceiling to remind participants to keep their mouths tight, keep secrets, and don’t leave roses. Huaxia’s words and deeds were revealed. This is the affair where Horus, who originated in Roman mythology, ran into the beauty-the goddess of love “Venus”. Her son Cupid gave him a rose in order to help his mother keep the famous festival. Asking him to be tight-lipped, Horus took the rose and remained silent, becoming the “God of Silence”. This is why under the rose is tight-lipped. Just like the lotus decal ceramic tableware set introduced today.

Applique tableware benefits from the advantages of craftsmanship and can highlight richer colors on the ceramic screen. Tableware with different functions has different decoration methods, and the shape of this set of applique tableware is also different from the common ceramic shape. Its shape uses a lotus shape. At the same time, the special shape of the device adds to the fun of dining.

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This set of ceramic tableware is a 20-piece set. The ceramic mug in the daily ceramic tableware is replaced with a coffee cup and a saucer in the matching product. In conjunction with the exquisite patterns, the tableware is more advanced overall. Other matching options are the conventional ones, which contain 4 large 10.5 inch ceramic plates, 4 7.5 inch white porcelain salad plates, and 4 7.25 inch white porcelain decal soup bowls. Our ceramic materials are carefully selected. Ensure the whiteness of white porcelain tableware. And our products are because of its good temperature resistance and hardness. It can be directly applied to household dishwashers and microwave ovens. Make daily use more assured.



Wellwares is a ceramic tableware sourcing manufacturer, cooperating with leading brands: Walmart, Target, Falabella, Sodimac, Wilko, Argos, HEMA, Sonae, Bezant, etc., and producing earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, porcelain/embossed, mug, bowl, plate.




We guarantee the whloe production process runs smoothly and on time delivery.
We focus on quality control and have an experienced QC team to supervise
each production step at each area factory.
Therefore, the quality and delivery date are guaranteed.

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