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12-piece embossed design white porcelain tableware set

12-piece embossed design white porcelain tableware set

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This set of white porcelain tableware uses a simple embossed design, and special patterns are added to the white porcelain tableware surface by using rolling technology. In the mold making process, the picture is designed in the mold, and the roll forming is completed while leaving an exquisite picture on the ceramic surface, which not only makes a beautiful picture, but also does not add complicated craftsmanship.


This set of tableware uses white porcelain as the production material, and white porcelain is used to make relief products, which can maximize the cleanliness of the tableware. If you like white tableware, white porcelain material will be a very good choice. The product contains 12 ceramic products, including 4 10.5-inch dinner plates, 4 7.5-inch salad plates, and 5.5-inch bowls. This matching method is in line with daily life. Closer to life. In the choice of vessel type, we use a special vessel design to ensure that you can dine elegantly. At the same time enhance your dining taste. All ceramic tableware is fired at high temperature. Only ceramic tableware fired at high temperature can withstand daily use. Our tableware can be used in microwave ovens or dishwashers. Closer to people’s daily needs.

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