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Spring Leaf Design White Porcelain Set Tableware Set

Spring Leaf Design White Porcelain Set Tableware Set

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Spring is the time when everything is revived, and spring is beautiful.  Everything revived,  the earth blossomed with tender leaves and green clothes. Green represents freshness, hope, safety, calm, comfort, life, peace, tranquility, nature, environmental protection, growth, vitality, and youth. Green is the color of plants, as well as the meaning of life, which can represent nature, ecology, environmental protection, etc., such as green food. Because green is related to spring, it symbolizes youth and prosperity. In the personality color, green represents the personality that is peaceful, friendly, good at listening, and does not want to conflict. Green leaves are usually used as a combination of flowers. If flowers are the protagonist, then green leaves are always the best partner for the protagonist.

灵感版 2 (NXPowerLite 副本) (1)

Our design takes the green leaves as the design theme. Through the novel process of pad printing, the overall pattern of the plate is carefully designed, so that the leaves that are usually used as foils become the protagonist, and the layered leaves give people a strong sense of layering. The green color gives people a fresh feeling. Using this set of ceramic tableware to dine will give you a feeling of being in nature, so that people living in the city can also experience the natural breath.

This set of tableware has a total of 16 items. We choose the method suitable for 4 people in the family. We hope that this tableware will have the best effect and make your dining table closer to nature. Use white porcelain as this set. The raw material for the combination of daily ceramic tableware. Compared with other materials, white porcelain provides enough white porcelain quality while having enough hand feeling to better experience the natural and heavy atmosphere. This set of porcelain tableware includes 10.5” porcelain plates. white porcelain 7.5″ salad plates, 5.5″ bowls, 11oz cups, suitable for family daily meals. Can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers.

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