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The Foreign Collection – 16pc dinnerware set

The Foreign Collection – 16pc dinnerware set

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This dinnerware’s design are from the experience of beauty of spain, The on-glaze decalled design provides a silky smooth finish and an unbeatable pop of color bringing the vibrant culture of Southern America to your everyday table.


Made of high-quality porcelain material suitable for everyday use on all occasions! Lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe, Items may become warm in appliances. Please use with caution.</p>
This porcelain dinnerware set will be very suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, such as camping, rv, party, picnic, banquet etc.

The set comes with 4 of each: 10.75” Dinner Plates, 8.25” Dessert Plates, 5.5” Cereal Bowls and 12oz mugs.

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