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Heart-shaped design decorative porcelain tableware set

Heart-shaped design decorative porcelain tableware set

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The heart shape is a universal symbol of romantic love. Because love itself may be the same shape as it is, and it is difficult to trace its origin and definition. But at the moment you feel love, you already have all of it. Cupid, the son of Venus, will always hold a sharp arrow, and people’s beating chests are his bullseye. Since 700 BC, this chubby love seducer has closely linked love and heart. Historically, the first known heart-shaped pattern was made in 1250 and can be vaguely regarded as a symbol of love. It appears in a French romantic manuscript called “Roman de la Poire” (Romantic Pear).
Today is February 14, which is also the day of Valentine’s Day. In this special festival of expressing love, have you ever thought about preparing yourself a set of tableware decorated with love to decorate your Valentine’s Day dinner table? Today wellwares brings you a set of tableware set with the theme of love design. Hope to bring some new ideas for your Valentine’s Day.

This tableware conveys a favorite atmosphere to everyone through the heart of different painting styles, and the matching method adopts the traditional matching method. It is suitable for daily use in the family. When you have a meal, the looming peach heart-shaped pattern can invisibly draw the relationship between each other. At the same time, love is a more traditional way of expressing love. It shows your intentions more clearly. This set of tableware is made of porcelain. The high-temperature-fired porcelain tableware has very good quality, which symbolizes the firmness of love. The white background symbolizes purity and the nobility of love. I believe that such a set of ceramic tableware decorated with love will make you the best choice for Valentine’s Day. This tableware is both practical and practical. Very suitable for the living habits of modern people. Can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. Finally, I wish you and your lover a wonderful Valentine’s Day! !

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