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Flamingo pattern ceramic tableware set

Flamingo pattern ceramic tableware set

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Flamingos have gradually become the mainstream choice in the design of various countries in recent years. Flamingos mainly inhabit the shallow waters of warm tropical saltwater lakes, marshes and lagoons, and also live in various saltwater and freshwater habitats, such as Lagoons, estuaries, tidal flats and coastal or inland lakes. The meaning of flamingo is freedom, beauty, elegance and vitality. Their feathers are mainly vermilion red, which looks like a fire burning from a distance. Their marriage principle is “monogamy”, with only one spouse in their lifetime. So it symbolizes loyal and free love.


Flamingos are born to be cartoonish animals, and the pink flamingos have become fashionable darlings in recent years. We chose to combine tropical rainforest and flamingo to design this set of tableware sets, using green and pink to decorate plates, bowls, soup plates and cups. The traditional matching method meets the dining needs of ordinary families. As the raw material of tableware, white porcelain can not only ensure that the bottom color of the product is white enough, but also make the product stronger. While reflecting the texture of ceramic tableware, it can also have very good product quality. Decorated tableware in the same picture can better reflect the sense of unity of tableware and the sense of fusion of tableware. This set of tableware is matched with traditional matching methods, including 4 10.5 inch standard size dinner plates and 4 7.5 inch white porcelain Salad plate, four 5.5-inch ceramic bowls, four 12-ounce cups. At the same time, you can choose more utensils according to personal needs to adapt to the selection of tableware in different countries. This set of white porcelain tableware is fired at high temperature, so that this set of ceramic tableware has more excellent temperature resistance and product quality. The product is durable and the pattern is not easy to scratch. Can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. Closer to daily life









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