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South American new style hand-painted white porcelain tableware set

South American new style hand-painted white porcelain tableware set

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In modern times, people gradually pursue simple designs and simple pattern. We designed this simple hand-painted ceramic tableware for our guests. Use minimal patterns to decorate this white porcelain tableware, and in the use of materials, we use a more refined clay that is different from the past. Make the white part of the product cleaner and better show the texture of hand-painted products. Minimalism originated from unrealistic paintings and sculptures, and is the pinnacle of modern art simplification. Combine simple painting forms with porcelain craftsmanship, and use simpler patterns to decorate tableware. Bright color patterns create a strong color contrast on the white porcelain, making the product more design. Hand-painted ceramic tableware is different from the unique features of colored glaze craft ceramic tableware and decal ceramic tableware. Because of this unique texture, the hand-painted product is completed by carefully painting the workers and painting the fine pictures on the porcelain tableware.



The hand-painted craft outlines the tableware itself through simple patterns. As for the matching method, we also design according to the usage habits of different regions. This tableware uses the standard 16-piece matching method. He includes four 10.5-inch dinner plates, four 7.5-inch hand-painted porcelain salad plates and four 5.5-inch ceramic bowls. At the same time, we also have a standard 7.25 inch porcelain soup plate for you to choose from, which is more suitable for families who like to taste soup. Ceramic tableware with higher whiteness is more suitable for those who like hand-painted tableware. Because of the craftsmanship, hand-painted tableware can always bring a simple dining experience to those who dine. If you are looking for minimalist hand-painted tableware, then this tableware may be the perfect answer to your heart for white porcelain tableware. At the same time, because this tableware has been fired at a high temperature, the quality of the product itself is very good. It can be used for a long time in a microwave oven and a dishwasher, and is more suitable for family use.

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