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matte color glaze emboss stoneware tableware set

matte color glaze emboss stoneware tableware set

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Color glaze craft and emboss craft are fused with each other, with matte glaze effect, several kinds of effects blend with each other to form the effect of this set of tableware. The relief effect makes the tableware itself more artistic. In the choice of the color of this set of ceramic tableware, we choose three low-brightness blue, red and green as the production color of the product. In terms of ceramic raw materials, stoneware is a type of ceramic that has evolved during the initial development of ceramics. Stoneware tableware has excellent heat preservation and temperature resistance. During daily use, there is no need to worry about whether the dishes will be too hot. Cutlery burns hands. Matte color glaze can improve friction and make tableware less likely to fall off.

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The collocation method chooses the conventional collocation, including 16 single product combinations, including 4 10.5-inch dinner plates, 4 7.5-inch matte glaze emboss side plates, 4 standard-size color glaze emboss stoneware bowls, and 4 12-ounce stoneware Mug. Suitable for daily use in a family of 4, this set is suitable for all occasions for daily use, and because this set of stoneware tableware uses high-quality raw materials and is fired at high temperatures, this gives the tableware high-quality and high-temperature resistance characteristics, which is very excellent The quality can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers.

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