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Kaleidoscope- 16pcs porcelain dinnerware set

Kaleidoscope- 16pcs porcelain dinnerware set

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A deep starry sky can give you a sense of mystery,
And a tableware destined for destiny will always catch your eye, so let this deep blue take you to explore the mystery of the unknown.

This is the latest very complimentary piece of tableware that puts a youthful twist on the starry-sky motif.
The white pattern on a blue background always brings a sense of tranquillity, while the cosmic starry shape is truly gorgeous and flamboyant.
The combination of the two is wonderful, but not abrupt, as if they were born to be one.
If the style of the home is serene and cosy, this set is obviously very suitable.

The surprises in life come from your down-to-earth love and unconscious touch.
The same ingredients, different tableware, will give you a different taste.
A smear of adobe clay makes a classic, through the process of clay making, make molds, glazing, kiln firing and other manufacturing processes, forming smooth and beautiful, exquisite workmanship and delicate materials, perfect for family use.


This dinnerware set service for 4 that includes 4 of each of the following: 10.75″ Dinner Plates, 8.25″ Dessert Plates, 6.75” Bowls, and mug
And beautiful dishes that are also dishwasher and microwave safe
The reactive refers to a technique how multiple colors within the glaze react together to create a dreamlike, vibrant quality to the colors and hues.
As a result of the reactive nature of the glaze, each porcelain piece is unique.
The high firing temperature, thick build, and mix of all-natural clays, makes stoneware an incredibly durable material.

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