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Minimalist blue line design tableware set

Minimalist blue line design tableware set

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When it comes to Chinese porcelain, even people who don’t know much about porcelain will immediately think of blue and white porcelain, which shows that blue and white porcelain has become a representative of Chinese porcelain. Blue is the color with the most oriental cultural charm. The scientific name of blue and white porcelain is “Glazed Blue”. The ancient Orientals have studied the use of blue to decorate the porcelain through repeated experiments, giving the porcelain a peaceful and distant texture. In fact, ceramics is not only a craftsman culture, it is a unique aesthetic culture in China. After China has experienced the influence of the poetic culture of the Tang and Song Dynasties, when faced with porcelain such as “blue in glaze”, blue is the color representing the sky. The ancients admired white and blue, and white symbolized purity. The human heart is as white and pure as milk. Blue represents the sea and the sky, and people’s hearts are as vast as the sea and the sky, with great ambitions.


This new design is inspired by the ancient art of blue and white porcelain. It decorates the blue that expresses the sky on the white that represents the clouds, and uses horizontal and vertical crossing lines to outline the periphery of the product, dividing the inside and outside of the product into two parts. , In daily meals, the decorative effect of tableware can be better brought into play. This series chose the classic hand-painted vertical stripe design. Line design is a language that is never outdated in the fashion industry. The hand-painted lines are natural and delicate, and the minimalist lines of different thickness are simple but not simple.

This set of ceramic tableware contains 20 individual items. The interior includes four 10.5-inch white porcelain bottom plates, four 7.5-inch sild plates, and four standard-size porcelain bowls. As well as the combination of coffee cup and saucer, you who adapt to drinking coffee have a better life experience. The blue decorative tableware brings you a sense of peace. Because of its special material and high temperature firing, this tableware has improved its firmness considerably. It can be used normally in microwave ovens and dishwashers, which is more in line with the daily use of modern young people. Wellware provides you with better daily ceramic products.

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