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New bone china watermelon hand-painted tableware

New bone china watermelon hand-painted tableware

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Hand-painted, as a craft often used in the early stage of ceramic production, after the tempering of time, it is still one of the most commonly used crafts in modern ceramic production. Hand-painted tableware has its own unique style. Hand-painted tableware can be more life-like It shows the breath of ceramic products as daily-used tableware, and is loved by many consumers. The more hand-painted tableware that can express the mood of life, the more it can attract people’s attention.


This daily-use ceramic tableware uses a hand-painted picture design, which perfectly combines fruit patterns and green leaves, coupled with a specially designed shape and smooth glazed texture, giving this ceramic tableware a more overall design sense. The product is in white ceramic Red and green are blended into the glaze, and the two colors blend with each other to give birth to this highly designed ceramic tableware set. In the design of the picture, we used cartoon pictures to decorate the inside and outside of the product at the same time. Because of the fresh style of the cartoon pictures, the whole product is full of vigor and vitality.


The matching method of the products is extremely special. We combine the commonly used tableware types to create this set of tableware that combines multiple types of dinner plates, bowls, soup plates, soup cups, baking plates, etc., a set of tableware to satisfy your family If you want the tableware in the family to be more unified, this set of ceramic tableware is a good choice for your family’s meals. And because of the special material of this set of tableware, this tableware is made of stoneware fired at high temperature, which has very good quality, and the new bone china tableware has good quality, you don’t have to worry about being too high The temperature of the dishes will burn your hands. And when this product can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers, because of the temperature resistance of the material, this set of tableware conducts heat more evenly, which is more in line with modern people’s habits.


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