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Gold Marble Pattern 16 pc dinnerware set

Gold Marble Pattern 16 pc dinnerware set

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The Marble Pattern, the stone grain carved by nature’s incredible craftsmanship

The texture is a natural torn stone pattern, full of tension and individuality depending on the thickness, density, direction, and color of the texture, always brings peace at anytime, anywhere.

Today we introduce our newest Gold Marble Pattern plate set. A beautifully designed Marble Pattern decal now comes with extra decoration of real gold, and gives a touch of luxury to a simple and sophisticated style.


Due to our skilled craftsmanship of glaze, and the top quality material we chose to make this product, we can ensure you that this plate will be non-cracking, non-scratching and durable with normal use. High quality non-metallic materials, including microwave-safe gold we use for our plates, allow you to microwave it, reheat it inside an oven and dish-wash it in your fancy dishwasher.

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