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Family ceramics pad printing tableware

Family ceramics pad printing tableware

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In terms of matching, this fami;y ceramic dinnerware pad printing process, based on the picture of Japanese tableware, we chose the more popular 16-piece matching method, including four 10.5-inch Japanese patterned ceramic plates and four 7.5-inch Japanese white porcelain bowls. Four standard-size soup bowls measuring 7.25 inches and four 12-ounce cups suitable for daily use. It is more suitable for daily household use. And we have three colors for you to choose from, namely elegant blue, pure white white, and classic black. The three colors echo each other and reflect each other, showing the beauty of fusion. The whole product is made of white porcelain, which is strong and durable, while the surface is smooth and tidy. Also because of the characteristics of the white porcelain material, good wear resistance properties are given to the tableware itself. And the solid feel can give people a sense of safety, plus Japanese patterns embellishment, better beautify your daily dining experience.

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