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Color glaze emboss design white porcelain tableware set

Color glaze emboss design white porcelain tableware set

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We have two feelings about beauty: one is symmetrical beauty, and the other is asymmetrical beauty. Humans’ preference for symmetry is not difficult to understand. Sometimes, some kind of damage to symmetry or balance, even a small damage, can bring incredible results. For those who pursue asymmetry beauty, asymmetry represents the commonness of nature. Finding relative symmetry in asymmetry is the reason for the birth of this ceramic tableware.

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The tableware chooses white porcelain as the raw material, which can better reflect the light color of this ceramic tableware. The white porcelain brings out the elegant beauty of the tableware. The biggest feature of this tableware is to break the shackles of the original utensils. The symmetrical design of the ceramics is transformed into a relatively symmetrical drop shape, so that the asymmetry of the tableware is fully revealed. At the same time, the Shangyu poppies are decorated by embossing on the outside of the tableware. The passionate flower language expresses the love for a better life. Yearn for. The product adopts the traditional tableware culture method, suitable for daily use in a family of 4, and can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers to free your hands.

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