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Mix And Match Black Stand-Edge Design Stoneware Tableware

Mix And Match Black Stand-Edge Design Stoneware Tableware

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Black is a very powerful color. It can be solemn and elegant, and it can make other colors stand out. When only using black and not other colors, there will be a heavy feeling. We often see things that are predominantly black and look very eye-catching. Black symbolizes low-key and creative, but also means persistence and deepness. Black is loved by most people. When you need to be professional and show taste, black is a very appropriate choice. The color of this tableware is black as the main color, and the edge part is designed with a pure color glaze with white as a decoration. The overall glaze is matte material. When you have a daily meal, it can bring a stronger visual impact. While highlighting the elegant temperament of the product, it better highlights the unique role of tableware as the decoration of the family table.


In the choice of the shape of the tableware, this ceramic tableware does not affect the overall matching beauty. We have added a special design, a reasonable combination of square and round tableware, overlapping performance, one shape on the plane is stacked on top of another shape, there will be a feeling of front and back, up and down, creating a sense of space, let this set of ceramics Tableware has a stronger design aesthetic. At the same time, the unique standing edge design increases the three-dimensional sense of ceramic tableware, and not only adds a sense of design different from traditional utensils to this stoneware set of tableware.


This color glaze standing side tableware is produced using stoneware as raw material. Stoneware benefits from its own properties. Has a better hand feel and excellent temperature resistance. More suitable for family dining. At the same time, this set of glaze tableware has a more complete selection of utensils. In addition to the commonly used 10.5” ceramic dinner plate, 7.5” color glaze side plate, 5.5” stoneware bowl and 12 oz solid color glaze cup. There are also large-size soup bowls, 4.5” square bowls, and 8” ceramic soup plates for your choice. More choices Bring more matching methods to meet the dining habits of families in different regions. The products are fired at high temperatures and have good quality. They can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. They are more in line with family habits.




Wellwares is a ceramic tableware sourcing manufacturer, cooperating with leading brands: Walmart, Target, Falabella, Sodimac, Wilko, Argos, HEMA, Sonae, Bezant, etc., and producing earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, porcelain/embossed, mug, bowl, plate.










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