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Color Glaze Stoneware With Small Point Tableware Set

Color Glaze Stoneware With Small Point Tableware Set

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This set of Dinnerware combines different designs. The overall product is made by the craft of color glaze, and on the basis of traditional color glaze technology, special design techniques are added. The design of plates and bowls are different. The bowl part We use the matte color glaze material for the design, and this color glaze product produces irregular point due to a special process. The effect of these points is already added to the inside of the glaze. Irregular points can always produce different effects in the glaze. Increase the beauty of the product. Improve the ornamental of this Ceramic Dinner Set. And the glossy Glaze glaze has the characteristics of not easy to produce scratches. In daily use, it is not easy to tableware scratches due to normal meals or using the dishwasher. On the outside, we use matte glaze as the glaze material. Two different glazes are combined with each other. Highlight a different texture. We used matte glaze to seal the edges of the plate. This gives the product a more regular feel on the front. We use stoneware as the material of tableware, and tableware made of stoneware has excellent temperature resistance. In daily use, you don’t have to worry about scalds caused by hot dishesin the tableware, which is safer and more practical.


This set of Ceramic dinner Set consists of 16 products. More suitable for family use. This set contains 4 large 10.5-inch colored glaze plates, 4 small 7.5-inch stoneware colored glaze plates, 4 5.5-inch stoneware bowls, and 4 12-ounce stoneware cups. You can also replace it according to your needs, such as replacing the bowl with a soup plate, which is also a good choice. The main colors are pink and green. A high-grade gray color is used on the edges. Both colors are very soft and suitable for any occasion. And because of the upgrading of factory unique technology of our products, the products are less prone to deformation. The overall structure is more stable, and because of the high temperature firing, the product has excellent thermal stability, the product is durable and suitable for home use. It can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. It is suitable for the living habits of modern people and is a good choice for your family dining.













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