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Life Hope Collection-porcelain dinnerware set

Life Hope Collection-porcelain dinnerware set

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In 2021, the global epidemic will gradually recover. At this time, the rainbow is undoubtedly the design that best represents people’s moods. “The rainbow is a beautiful symbol. It means love. Lovers can only truly understand love after they have tasted the ups and downs of love. Chromatography. Rainbow symbolizes beauty, fairy tales, nature, and fantasy. In addition, different civilizations have different beliefs about rainbows. In the ordeal, wait peacefully, live a serious life, accumulate the hope in your heart, suddenly raise your head and welcome your own rainbow. The heart embraces itself.

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This rainbow design porcelain dinnerware has its own name-LIFE HOPE. The rainbow often appears after the rain, implying that a beautiful new life is coming. We hope that through the gorgeous colors of this set of tableware, the terrazzo design represents the rich colors. Life, different colors enrich the plate itself, giving every guest a good mood. I also hope that you can always see the rainbow during the meal, see the rich colors of life, and decorate your table.

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This set of tableware has a rainbow-like colorful matching method, which is fully suitable for the dining methods of different countries, so that consumers all over the world can combine their own favorite tableware matching methods. This white porcelain tableware contains a combination of 10.5-inch dinner plate, 7.5-inch side plate, 5.5-inch bowl, 7.25-inch soup plate, 12-ounce cup and coffee cup and saucer. A more comprehensive set method, with different pattern designs, can meet the tableware design needs of every guest as much as possible. It’s as colorful as a rainbow. Bring happiness to life. The tableware uses white porcelain as the raw material and is finished after high temperature firing, so that the tableware has a better quality. And can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers, in line with the habits of modern family life.

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Wellwares wish the world more better.

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