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High quality white porcelain hand-painted line tableware

High quality white porcelain hand-painted line tableware


High quality white porcelain hand-painted line tableware


Ceramic , stoneware


16pcs Dinner Set

10.5″ hand-painted dinner plate;

7.5″ hand-painted salad plate;

5.5″ hand-painted bowl;

7″ hand-painted soup bowl;

12oz handled mug


Red, black, yellow


High precision hand Painted


Type A (Single color)

Type B (Mix and match colors)

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场景 - 副本_副本

Porcelain was born in China more than 3,000 years ago. It is an important creation of countless working people and one of the greatest contributions China has made to world culture. Porcelain was translated into China again. This is enough to reflect the affirmation and love of Chinese porcelain by the people of the world. Ancient emperors liked porcelain and longed to attribute this beauty to their own. Modern people do the same. They love porcelain and respect porcelain, hoping to pass on this beauty to the ages. Among them, white porcelain can be said to be one of the products that can best embody Chinese ceramic skills because of its extreme pursuit of glaze and raw material clay. In order to have a more perfect and pure whiteness, white porcelain tableware has become a great challenge for Chinese ceramics.As the oldest ceramic decoration technique, hand-painting has different styles and unique styles in different dynasties.

灵感图 - 副本_副本

In modern times, people began to pursue simple designs and more concise patterns. This is also our original intention to design this product. Using fine ceramic materials that are different from those used in the past. Our craft designer uses a white porcelain material with a higher whiteness as the picture scroll.

And the matching method we use is to choose a matching method suitable for the current region according to the needs of the region. The large-sized base made of porcelain, the slightly smaller white porcelain salad plate, and the ceramic bowls. We have standard 5.5-inch bowls and white porcelain soup plates that are more suitable for those who like to taste soup. Ceramic tableware with higher whiteness is more suitable for you who like white.At the same time, the combination of multiple colors is also one of the selling points of this product. You can choose different color combinations according to your needs for color preferences. Whether it is a unified combination of a single color or an interspersed combination as shown in the picture, it is very Good choice.

产品颜色 - 副本_副本

In the fast-paced moment, our lives are filled with trivia, we enjoy pursuing simplicity and yearning for a minimal life. Minimalism originates from non-realistic painting and sculpture, and is the pinnacle of simplification in modern art. Combining minimalist painting forms with porcelain craftsmanship also requires precision and prominent outlines. The bright color lines create a strong color contrast on the white porcelain, making the product more design.

规格 - 副本_副本

Hand-painted ceramic tableware is different from the unique characteristics of colored glaze ceramic tableware and applique ceramic tableware. Because of its unique texture, hand-painted ceramic tableware has been carefully designed by craftsmen, using minimalist hand-painted solid color lines to decorate the plates with unique effects. And through the meticulous painting of the workers, this beautiful picture was completed, and different from the previous hand-painted tableware, the hand-painted part of this product can be described as a lot of effort. If you have not really seen this 16-piece tableware set, you I would think that this piece of tableware is produced through decals. The complete and regular hand-painted lines give the minimalist white porcelain hand-painted tableware a unique creative effect. If you are a partner who pursues minimalist decoration, this tableware may be the perfect answer to white porcelain tableware in your heart.



Wellwares is a ceramic tableware sourcing manufacturer, cooperating with leading brands: Walmart, Target, Falabella, Sodimac, Wilko, Argos, HEMA, Sonae, Bezant, etc., and producing earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, porcelain/embossed, mug, bowl, plate.




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