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Fresh Lemon-Porcelain decal and pad printed tableware set

Fresh Lemon-Porcelain decal and pad printed tableware set

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Lemon is very sour, so it means green love. Love is like lemon. It is not only green but also very sweet and sour. It symbolizes that love is as sweet and sour as lemon. It also represents the middle of love. Individuals will be sour and sweet together, so they are also telling everyone to cherish each other well. Moreover, it also symbolizes the path of life, not only sweet but also sour. People who are loyal to their own feelings will never fall in love out of fantasy. Have romantic feelings, look forward to romantic encounters, and believe that unexpected encounters will produce moving love songs. I hope that one day I will meet the one I love when I pass by.

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At the same time, because of its freshness, lemon is also a metaphor for a comfortable, lively and cheerful mood. Lemons feel very refreshing and comfortable, and they are decorated with lemons. It can always bring a different experience to the family atmosphere. The bright yellow skin of lemon always gives vitality and vitality, and the unique smell is often used to make wine or beverages. It is even medically regarded as the best way to treat sepsis. Lemon can be said to be a very comprehensive fruit.

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We use bright lemons as the decoration of the picture, and combine the process of pad printing and decals to make the tableware glow with a different style. The collocation of saturated green and yellow will have a youthful and lively feeling. In the choice of materials, we use white porcelain as raw materials. The combination of white and bright yellow can highlight the beauty of this set of tableware. The tableware includes dinner plate, side plate, bowl and mug, and the tableware is fired at high temperature, which has better temperature resistance and material hardness. In daily use, it is not easy to damage the tableware due to bumps. At the same time, this set of tableware meets household standards and can be used in microwave ovens or dishwashers. It is suitable for the usage habits of modern families.

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