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Symmetrical pattern pad printing ceramic tableware

Symmetrical pattern pad printing ceramic tableware


Symmetrical pattern pad printing ceramic tableware


Porcelain , stoneware


16pcs Dinner Set or 20pcs Dinner Set

10.5″dinner plate;

7.5″salad plate;

5.5″cereal bowl;

7″soup bowl;

12oz mug;

coffee cup and Saucer


Black and blue


Pad printing


Type A (blue, 16pcs-set)

Type B (black, 20pcs-set)

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The principle of pad printing is to first use the method of photo-making the pattern to be printed. The steel plate is made into an intaglio plate and then transferred to the printed material by a special silicone print head. The special material can be prepared according to the material of the product. Ink, so that the quality is guaranteed. The printing speed is very fast, the graphics and text resolution rate is high, compared with other traditional processes, the price of monochrome printing is more advantageous.

So what I bring to you today is a set of patterned ceramic tableware produced by pad printing technology. The pattern design of this ceramic tableware is suitable for patterns. The suitable pattern has the artistic characteristics of rigor and practice, and the change of the pattern is required to not only reflect the characteristics of the object, but also intersperse with nature to form an independent decorative beauty. It is suitable for the complete appearance of the pattern, the ingenious combination of internal structure and appearance, and is often used independently in the decorative arts and crafts corresponding to the shape. The combination of ink blue or black lines and white porcelain plates has a modern and simple beauty, and there is no shortage of classics where pure colors meet. This series shows the classic misconceptions of black and white, blue and white expressed by the shape and texture of the instrument.



Its matching method uses the 16-piece set used in the traditional matching. In addition, you can choose his internal matching according to your needs. For example, if you need to replace the commonly used 5.5-inch rice bowl with a 7.25-inch one Soup bowl. Or it is possible to change the size of the bowl from 5.5 inches to a smaller rice bowl. Especially when choosing a cup, if you are a person who likes to drink coffee, you can replace the 12-ounce cup with a combination of a coffee cup and a coffee saucer, so that you can better enjoy your coffee time. And the material of this set of tableware can also be customized according to your needs. For example, stoneware with thicker materials and better temperature resistance can enhance the quality of the picture while also being more practical.

On this basis, we optimized the use of the product, and according to the family’s usage habits, we optimized the overall ceramic tableware. In daily use, our products can be directly used in microwave ovens and dishwashers, which are more suitable for modern family kitchens. Free your hands, more suitable for modern life.



Wellwares is a ceramic tableware sourcing manufacturer, cooperating with leading brands: Walmart, Target, Falabella, Sodimac, Wilko, Argos, HEMA, Sonae, Bezant, etc., and producing earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, porcelain/embossed, mug, bowl, plate.




We guarantee the whloe production process runs smoothly and on time delivery.
We focus on quality control and have an experienced QC team to supervise
each production step at each area factory.
Therefore, the quality and delivery date are guaranteed.

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