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Cupid love-porcelain cup set

Cupid love-porcelain cup set

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Cupid belongs to the god of love in Greek mythology, so Cupid belongs to the ancient Greek country. In the eyes of people all over the world, Cupid is a cute little love god. Cupid is given the right to promote love in the world, so Cupid’s heart is very pure. Cupid also hopes that with his own efforts, the love between people will be full of sincerity and eternity. Cupid is also a messenger full of justice and positive energy. Under his infection, countless love will finally blossom and bear fruit.

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This design draws on Cupid’s arrow, an element that represents love, and matches the image of love, so that every pair of lovers can experience the slow love during the meal. You shoot the arrow of love, and I accept it with joy. , The two admired each other. It is simply the best interpretation of love. The product uses white for purity and red for love. And the shape of the cup adopts a style that can be superimposed. Let a pair of lovers be together forever. In terms of material selection, we use white porcelain as the raw material for our products. White porcelain has a purer color. Make the texture of the product more excellent. And this love design cup is fired in a high-temperature kiln, which gives the product better quality and temperature resistance, which symbolizes the strength of love and can withstand the test.

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