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Marble Pattern Ceramic Tableware

Marble Pattern Ceramic Tableware

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The allegorical things can always be accepted and liked by everyone, no matter how the pattern changes,the meaning never changes. Like the stone grain carved by nature’s magical craftsmanship. It is infinitely variable, unpredictable, directional and dynamic. The texture is like a natural torn stone pattern, full of tension, and individuality depends on the thickness, density, direction, and color of the texture. It can show the dynamics of the space and visually extend the ductility of the space. The texture is like a rush of flowing water, flowing and elegant, increasing the dynamics of the space, extending the pattern of the space, and giving people a bright feeling. Distributed in a straight or close to straight shape, vertical or horizontal, with a clear sense of direction, it can be reminiscent of images such as waterfalls, and visually it will give people an imagination beyond space distance.

Today,we Introduce the product is a set of marble Pattern ceramic tableware. The surface of the tableware has a marble-like texture through decal. Combine the texture of marble with porcelain tableware. Not only allows you to experience the visual experience brought by the marble pattern, but also has the good temperature resistance of ceramic and the texture of ceramic. The unique pure white and smooth surface of porcelain make the product more distinctive. Add a unique experience to your dining table.


This ceramic tableware contains 4 pc 10.5-inch porcelain dinner plates, 4 pc 7.5-inch porcelain side plates, 4 pc standard-size 5.5-inch bowls and 4 pc 12-ounce porcelain cups. Fits the daily use habits, suitable for the daily use of a family of four. And because of the smooth glazed, this set of ceramic tableware has good wear resistance. You don’t worry about scratches on tableware in daily use, at the same time, because of the upgrade of factory technology, our high-temperature fired ceramic tableware has better quality. Can be used in microwave and dishwashers. It is more in line with modern people’s usage habits.












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