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Reactive Glaze Emboss Stoneware Tableware

Reactive Glaze Emboss Stoneware Tableware

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Reactive glaze mainly refers to the uncertain natural change in the color of the ceramic surface glaze due to the increase or decrease of the temperature in the kiln during the firing process of the porcelain. There are many changes in the mineral raw materials used in different reactive glaze ceramic products. These raw materials are complex in composition, contain a variety of trace elements. Even if the raw materials are the same mineral, there will be certain differences in their physical and chemical properties due to the different locations of the mineral deposits and the different processing methods. These raw materials are the key to the production of reactive glaze ceramics and the basis of the reactive glaze phenomenon. The chemical composition of reactive glaze has been scientifically analyzed, and there are more than a dozen kinds of basic elements and more than 40 kinds of trace elements. In addition, using different glazing methods will also produce different reactive glaze effects. Firing is the most critical process in the production of reactive glaze ceramics. Every subtle change in the process will affect the effect of reactive glaze.

This set of Reactive Glaze Dinnerware is manufactured using reactive glaze technology. Compared with traditional colored glaze tableware, reactive glaze glaze tableware makes the tableware more artistic because of its natural texture, and this set of tableware adds relief craftsmanship on the basis of reactive glaze craft. The two effects are combined with each other. The unique flow of the reactive glaze process and the three-dimensional effect of the embossed material. In the choice of color, our carefully designed picture effect shows the original monotonous white to show different levels of uniformity. Several different attributes are matched together to make you seem to appreciate a piece of art.


This set of reactive glaze embossed Pottery Dining Sets is composed of 16 single pieces. They are 4pc 10.5-inch ceramic dinner plates, 4pc 7.5-inch side stoneware plate set, 4pc 7.25-inch soup plates. and four 12-ounce cups. The tableware used is a commonly used collocation method in the family, which is more suitable for the daily use of the family. And in the choice of ceramic material, we took into account the family’s usage habits, we chose the material of stoneware for manufacturing. In addition to having a good hand feel, stoneware also has better temperature resistance. In daily use, don’t worry that the dishes will scald your hands. More secure and reassuring. When designing our Daily Use Porcelain Dinnerware, taking into account the habits of modern families, these stoneware tableware can be used in microwave ovens or dishwashers. Make you more worry-free.


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