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Daily use Reactive glaze stoneware dinnerware set

Daily use Reactive glaze stoneware dinnerware set

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Reactive glaze is an ancient technique. In the ceramic production process, because the temperature of the kiln is adjusted artificially, the glaze reacts miraculously during the conversion from high temperature to low temperature, which makes the ceramic surface generate a layered color change. Because the process requires precise temperature control during production, small changes will cause huge changes in the effect of the kiln change at that time, so the completion rate of kiln change products in the age of underdeveloped technology is very low, so modern accurate temperature control is very important. Wellwares guarantees the production effect and quality of products through years of experience in ceramic production. The reactive glaze stoneware tableware combines craftsmanship and shape with each other. The reactive glaze craftsmanship is combined with the vertical side design. The vertical side design makes a different change to the original ceramic shape.

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This set of tableware uses a classic matching method. The tableware is accurately matched according to daily usage habits, and strives to allow every customer to choose the daily ceramic tableware suitable for their own market. Including stand-side design reactive glaze 10.5-inch dinner plate, stoneware 7.5-inch salad plate, reactive glaze design soup plate or bowl, and finally matched with a 12-ounce cup. Strive to bring guests the perfect tableware for daily use, and this tableware is made of stoneware material, which has a better texture. In daily use, the stoneware tableware can effectively isolate the temperature, so that the tableware is not easy to burn hands. , More at ease. At the same time, the product can be used in microwaves and dishwashers, making it more convenient for daily use.

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