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Sakura style pad printing ceramic tableware

Sakura style pad printing ceramic tableware


Sakura style pad printing ceramic tableware


Ceramic , stoneware


12pcs Dinner Set

10.5″dinner plate;

7.5″salad plate;

5.5″cereal bowl;

7″soup bowl;

12oz handled mug


Red , Black , White ,


Pad printing

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Cherry blossoms originated in China. According to the authoritative Japanese book “Sakura Dakan”, cherry blossoms are native to the Himalayas. After being cultivated artificially, this species gradually spread to the Yangtze River Basin of China, Southwest China and Taiwan Island. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the imperial family had already planted cherry blossoms, and it has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years. During the Han and Tang dynasties, they were generally planted in private gardens. In the heyday of the Tang dynasty, from the corridors of the palace gardens to the fields of the folk houses, you can see the gorgeous blooming cherry blossoms everywhere, setting off a stalwart figure of the flourishing China. At that time, all nations came to Korea, and Japan deeply admired the brilliance of Chinese culture and the cultivation and appreciation of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms were brought back to Dongying by Japanese worshippers along with architecture, clothing, tea ceremony, and kendo.


Sakura is a symbol of love and hope, and one of Japan’s representative objects. In Japan, according to legend, a long time ago, there was a fairy named “Muhuakai Yeji” (meaning cherry blossom) in Japan. One year in November, the fairy departed from Okinawa, passed through Kyushu, Kansai, and Kanto, and arrived in Hokkaido in May of the following year. Along the way, she spread a flower that symbolizes love and hope in every corner. To commemorate this fairy, the locals named this flower “Sakura”, and Japan became the “Sakura Country”. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of love and hope, representing elegant, simple and pure love. The cherry blossoms are like ignorant girls, and they open up quietly in spring. The white and pink cherry blossoms full of trees are the most beautiful language for telling love to lovers. Someone in my heart, like that lonely cherry blossom rain, slowly disappears into the depths of time, leaving an eternal memory.

This Ceramic Tableware chooses cherry blossoms, a beautiful oriental flower. The material of Stoneware Tableware is matched with beautiful patterns to make the product more beautiful. Tabletop is a very important part of Japanese culture. Using different colors of stoneware tableware can make products have more ways of matching, which is a very good choice. In terms of matching method, besides the commonly used bowl set and plates set, this Stoneware Tabletop also has salad bowl, mixing bowls and so on. A more comprehensive model makes your choice more perfect.









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