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Reactive glaze stoneware ceramic tableware set

Reactive glaze stoneware ceramic tableware set

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Reactive glaze mainly refers to the uncertain natural change of the glaze color on the surface of porcelain due to the temperature change in the kiln during the firing process. The ancients’ definition of kiln change was relatively broad, even including changes in porcelain styles. For example, the “Compilation of Barnyard History” believes: “Porcelain has the same quality, and then becomes different quality, the same is the same color, and then becomes different colors. For this specific “human skill” method, the repeated fire several times, The color is better.” And this kind of “artificial” reactive glaze is often not a specific color. Fired porcelain, any shape or glaze color that is not expected after the opening of the kiln, so that peculiar conditions sometimes occur in handed down porcelain, can be said to be “reactive glaze”. The “Compilation of Barnyard History” says: “Porcelain has the same quality, and then becomes different quality, the same color, then becomes different colors, the combination of water and soil, non-human coincidence can add, it is called reactive glaze.” All in all, kiln deformation can be roughly divided into deformation, discoloration, and deterioration.


This set of tableware is produced through the process of reactive glaze. Through different furnace temperatures, the products have better colors. Irregular changes make the product more multi-layered. And on the basis of normal kiln changes, the relief effect is added. Make the product more three-dimensional. In the choice of matching methods. We used a 16-piece matching method. Contains 4 sets of 10.5-inch kiln-changing craft large plates, 4 7.5-inch stoneware small plates, 4 5.5-inch stoneware reactive glaze craft bowls, and 12-ounce cup products. This matching method is more suitable for your use at home. Fit for daily use. The stoneware material gives the product better temperature resistance, so that the product has a better effect in daily household use. It satisfies the habit of family use, and will not burn itself due to the temperature of the dishes. Better protection and more security. And all products can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers, in line with the habits of modern families. And we have two colors for you to choose. Choose to meet your preferences.



Wellwares is a ceramic tableware sourcing manufacturer, cooperating with leading brands: Walmart, Target, Falabella, Sodimac, Wilko, Argos, HEMA, Sonae, Bezant, etc., and producing earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, porcelain/embossed, mug, bowl, plate.










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