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Tableware set 16 pieces Pad printing sakura

Tableware set 16 pieces Pad printing sakura

Colour: red

Material: Ceramic

Number of pieces: 16

Design: sakura

Shape: round

Tipo: tableware

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Used in microwave oven: Yes

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The design is inspired by the cherry blossoms of Japan, which is the national flower of Japan. The locals think it is incomparable to any flower. It is the flower of life and symbolizes the beauty of life. It is like a girl in love when it is open, extremely beautiful and the best way to express love. Every spring, it will always open as scheduled. Seeing it is like seeing spring and seeing hope, so it symbolizes hope and has a beautiful meaning. It is brilliant and beautiful when it blooms, and it is also very clean and neat when it blooms. Represents a noble life. Through the overall screen printing process on the red screen. Let the whole picture be active, the product design size is moderate, and one plate has multiple uses. It is fired at high temperature under the glaze, environmentally friendly and lead-free, suitable for you and your family in pursuit of health, and it is more assured to use. Make the product healthier, the screen is not easy to wear, durable. Similar to manual pad printing texture, more three-dimensional and more vivid, it is your best choice for those who pursue beauty. Add an exquisite style to your dinner table, suitable for enjoying delicious dishes with your family, bringing vitality to your family, and enjoying the reunion time with your family anytime, anywhere, including four sets of 10.5-inch large plates, 7.5 inches Plate, 5.5 inch bowl and twelve ounce cup. The product structure is reasonable and high temperature resistant.The new ceramic material allows you to safely use the dishwasher and microwave oven.Designed for you who are used to modern life.

Tableware set 16 pieces Pad printing sakura1

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