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Floral collection -porcelain dinnerware set

Floral collection -porcelain dinnerware set

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The sun is shining which means it’s time to unearth our favourite floral dinnerware set.
Belonging to the romantic season of spring, most like the moment of floral fluttering at the feet, light and airy agile beauty.
As if the mood also lightly fluttered up, fresh fashion style, such as fairy-like aesthetic.


We are always neglecting our meals because of work, and we hope that you will use your favourite tableware to make yourself take the important matter of eating seriously.
If you want to live well, you have to eat well.
You should know that the importance of choosing tableware is no less important than the food itself。
Beautiful tableware not only affects the look of the meal, but also the mood of the meal every day!


For our these new collections, this 12 piece set includes 6”bowl, 10.5”dinner plate, 7.5”side plate, 11oz mug.
It is fired at high temperature which is not easy to fade, non-cracking, non-scalding, strong and durable.
Also easily stack, can be stacked and stored to have more kitchen space.
By the way this is a perfect gift choice: This tableware is destined to be a perfect gift because of the exquisite appearance and dependable quality.
People receiving this gift will appreciate your kindness.

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