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Life Hope Collection – Porcelain Dinnerware Set 16 pieces

Life Hope Collection – Porcelain Dinnerware Set 16 pieces

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There is a dinner set with two bowls, a plate and a mug
Firstly, the size of the bowls are 6.4inch and 5.5inch. it is really good for different functions, like pasta, salad or soup. The bowl is exquisite, smooth and easy to clean, with matte texture. A small amount of dish-washing liquid removes the grease.


Porcelain tableware is safe and harmless. It is of high quality and environmentally friendly, with high strength and good thermal stability. Also, the glaze on the surface can resist the infiltration of heavy metals, reducing the harm to the human body.

Next is dinner plates, suitable for pasta, dessert, or less soupy dishes.
This ceramic tableware not only has practical value, but also has artistic value. It feels cool and smooth, the glaze color is cyan and elegant, the glaze luster is soft, and the effect is jade like. And it is high temperature firing lead-free cadmium, can be into the microwave oven.

Through the details of the design will create a simple and romantic atmosphere of life, feel the warmth and happiness of the family.

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