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According to the last time we understand the ceramic production of the factory as a whole, we will divide it into different paragraphs according to different production stages to introduce the production process of ceramic products and introduce the details of ceramic production in the wellwares factory in more detail. First, let’s understand the details of ceramic raw materials and preliminary processing together.

Most of the raw materials used in ceramic production are natural minerals or rocks. These raw materials have a wide variety of resources and are rich in resources. They are widely distributed in the earth’s crust. This provides favorable conditions for the development of the ceramic industry. The early ceramic products were all made of single It is made of clay mineral raw materials. Later, with the development of ceramic technology and the improvement of product performance requirements, people gradually added other mineral raw materials to the blank. Provide more characteristics to the ceramic itself.


Clay raw materials are one of the main raw materials of ceramics. Clay is used as the main raw material of ceramics because of its plasticity and sinterability. The main clay minerals in the ceramic industry include kaolinite, montmorillonite and illite (water mica), but the main clay raw material of our factory is kaolin, such as Gaotang kaolin, Yunnan kaolin, Fujian Longyan Kaolin, Qingyuan kaolin, Conghua kaolin, etc. Kaolin is white, fine, soft and soft, with good plasticity, fire resistance and other physical and chemical properties. And can remain unchanged for a long time, adding to ceramic production can improve the overall quality of the product.


The main component of quartz is silica. In the production of ceramics, when it is added to the ceramic blank as a barren raw material, the plasticity of the blank can be adjusted before firing, and the heating expansion of quartz during firing can partially offset part of the green body. shrink. When added to the glaze, it improves the mechanical strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance of the glaze. The quartz raw materials of our factory mainly include: glaze gemstone, Fogang quartz sand and so on.


Feldspar is the most commonly used flux raw material in ceramic raw materials. It is used as a basic ingredient such as blanks and glaze fluxes in ceramic production. It melts at high temperature to form a viscous glass body, which is the main source of alkali metal oxides in the blank, which can reduce the melting temperature of the ceramic body components, which is beneficial to the formation of porcelain and the lowering of the firing temperature. It is used as a flux in the glaze to form a glass phase. The main raw materials of feldspar in our factory are Nanjiang potash feldspar, Fogang potash feldspar, Yanfeng potash feldspar, Conghua albite, Indian potash feldspar, etc.

The production of ceramic products requires comprehensive consideration of the ratio of raw materials of the product. Only refined and selected raw materials can ensure the overall quality of the product. Provide more high-quality ceramic products to customers.

Post time: Apr-06-2021