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At the beginning of 2023, Wellwares entered a new era and adopted a differentiated market development strategy. For example, in traditional markets such as Europe and America, the focus is on “stable markets and orders”, while in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, the focus is on “quickly discovering new opportunities and achieving new growth”.

In January,Wellwares group established ENANNY. SAKURA PTE. LTD. into Singapore and expand our regional Asia presence.Wellwares group, as a leading one-stop homeware supplier, our goal is to providing global homeware products to meet clients demand.

“We are pleased to establish ENANNY SAKURA PTE. LTD into Singapore and expand our regional Asia presence,” said Mr. David Yong, President of Wellwares group. “As part of our strategic expansion plan, this milestone allows us to explore new business opportunities across Southeast Asia. With the initiation of ENANNY SAKURA PTE. LTD Singapore, we have introduced the Shijiazhuang brand into Singaporean market. ”

Like many Chinese foreign trade enterprises, with the optimization and adjustment of national epidemic prevention and control measures, Wellwares Group has turned its attention more to the international market, actively embracing market increment and accelerating its high-quality development. In March, Wellwares Group formed a research team led by senior executives to conduct field investigations in several countries in ASEAN.

Within two months, the research team conducted in-depth field investigations and visits to clients’ stores, factories, and warehouses to assist important clients in market analysis, product strategy adjustment and optimization, and collaborate with clients on marketing activities. The team accumulated practical and detailed data and practical experience, providing scientific guidance and feasibility plans for subsequent work and promoting the orderly development of overseas market work.

It was through this market research that we penetrated the local market and found two high-quality ASEAN ceramic and plastic factories, truly understanding the quality, price advantages of local products, laying a solid foundation for providing high-quality products (ceramic, plastic, glassware, flatware, bakeware, kitchenware, dinning table furniture…) to Wellwares Group’s premium customers in the future.

ASEAN Factory

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Post time: May-22-2023