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After the firing process is completed, the part of the surface of the clay is vitrified. To make the surface of the pottery clay smoother, at this time, the decal product requires personnel to translate the required picture to the surface of the ceramic tableware to complete the decal process. The decal products need to be pasted with decal paper on the surface of the product, and then fired in a kiln for the second time to ensure that the decal paper on the surface of the product fits. A ceramic decal is a transfer system that is used to apply pre-printed images or designs to ceramic tableware. The ink configured with the ceramic raw materials is printed on a special printing paper or plastic film, and then transferred to the ceramic surface, and grilled at a high temperature to form a picture to achieve the decorative effect of the ceramic.

decals ceramic

The flower surface on the ceramic is not only resistant to high temperature, but also will not fall off and change the color. But do you know how those flower noodles are made? In fact, ceramics is an ancient traditional handicraft in my country, which embodies the history and culture of our country for thousands of years. The ceramic craftsmanship has undergone continuous improvement. At present, the decal craftsmanship is basically adopted for the flower surface of daily-use ceramics. In addition to decals as a decorative method, gilding is also a special ceramic decoration method.


Post time: Jun-09-2021