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2M Alliance: European line capacity will drop by 70,000 TEU in two weeks

Recently, 2M alliance partners Maersk and Mediterranean Shipping have cancelled the 4 Asia-Europe loop voyages originally scheduled for 39 weeks and 40 weeks, thus reducing the shipping capacity of the route by approximately 70,000 TEU.

According to a report from MSC, 2M will cancel Griffin/AE55 and Lion/AE6 services in the last week of September, and Albatross/AE5 and Lion/AE6 services in the next week . MSC stated that the reason for this was “to improve the reliability of the shipping schedule.”

It is reported that the 2M Alliance is the first shipping alliance to announce the suspension of operations during China’s “Natioanl Day Golden Week”, which puts some freight companies in trouble because they ordered cargo on the cancelled voyage, and export ships from Asia also Still struggling to find a place.


article from https://www.msc.com/sgp/notices/2021-september/blank-sailings-asia-to-north-europe?lang=en-gb

Ocean carriers announce Suspension Plan for Golden Week! Many consignors and freight forwarders plan to ship before the holiday, and the plan is broken, and they feel a bit embarrassed! The capacity is already tight enough, but the shipping lane is suspended?

This caught shippers who originally planned to import and export during the Golden Week by surprise, especially for Asian shippers who are curre`ntly experiencing difficulties in exporting. Moreover, Golden Week is the peak period of shipments, and the capacity is already insufficient. Now, many routes have been suspended, which further makes the capacity even more tight. Golden Week may usher in a new round of freight price increases and the situation of exploded and lack of containers . Pay attention to those who need to ship during Golden Week !

The blank sailing plans for ‘Golden Week’ have caused greater uncertain transportation, unknown sea freight, so that we strongly reminded and suggested all our clients if you can book space successfully, its better to ship as soon as possible, since there are too many unprecedented unstable factors. if it is really tough for your company to book the space, wed like to confirm if your orders still need to arrange mass production as planned? If you have any changed plan, wed to accept and help you delay the production schedule.


Post time: Sep-19-2021