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On March 4, 2023, the company’s 2022 annual work summary and commendation Conference was held at the employees’ home of the company.


At the meeting, David, president of WWS, firstly shared the company’s achievements in 2022, analyzed the existing problems, and focused on the development plan for 2023. In particular, David pointed out that 2022 will be a harvest year, and the growth rate of various indicators of the company is very impressive. However, in 2023, the company will face new opportunities and challenges, and all employees need to work together to make new contributions to the development of the company with more high morale and more solid work style. Subsequently, the leadership of the company commended the departments and individuals with outstanding performance in 2022 and issued certificates of honor. It is hoped that the departments and employees honored will cherish the honor, make continuous efforts, and better play an exemplary role in the company.


After that, David highly affirmed the company’s achievements in the previous year in his speech, and hoped that all employees can establish a “sense of danger”, “sense of the overall situation” and “sense of safety”, orderly promote the development of various work, so that the company can continue to maintain a good development situation.


The whole annual Conference ended successfully in a harmonious and warm atmosphere. As we begin the New Year of 2023, I hope we can learn from our experiences, share our goals, and work together to achieve better results.


Our goal for 2023 is

A 20% increase in performance,

Product upgrades add new glass, stainless steel cutlery, furniture, 3D cups and other kitchen and household items

Build solid partnerships with more famous brands like Walmart Global, Target, Costco, Lenox etc.

With heart and mind, win in 2023!

Post time: Mar-06-2023