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Green Lake Collection- 18pcs porcelain dinnerware set

Green Lake Collection- 18pcs porcelain dinnerware set

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Good material for quality
WWS Ceramics uses high quality clay as a raw material,Ceramics are made from high quality clay and increase the strength and density of the body, which plays a key role in the firmness of the form.

Healthy and environmentally friendly

1300 degrees Celsius high temperature firing, bright surface glaze, permanent colour, no lead and chrome, healthy and environmentally friendly, high hardness, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Irregular design

The distinctive lines of the design are a return to handcrafted textures and the subtle undulations add to the ritual of the meal, with details that show the care taken with the meal.

Reactive Glaze

The reactive glaze is uncontrollable, the glaze is produced in the kiln, the slight temperature difference during the firing process and the amount of glaze applied will have an effect on the colour, hence the slight colour difference and the characteristic pattern
Our dinnerware sets are designed by our own design team. Dinner plates show a sense of fashion and classic.
The porcelain set is a must-have for every home. Now It’s time to change your kitchen plates and bowls.
The plates, bowls and cups from this sets are made of high-quality stoneware. Each dish and cup is 100% dishwasher safe and almost all are microwave safe.
The high firing temperature, thick build, and mix of all-natural clays, makes stoneware an incredibly durable material.
Polka dots collection are perfect gift for housewarming, Thanksgiving, Christmas for your friend. Perfect for young couples, new homes and fun celebrations.

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