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After finishing the grinding of the raw materials, we need to perform preliminary filtering of the product to remove coarse particles and fine sand to ensure the fineness of the raw materials and make it easier to complete the preliminary ceramic molding. Normally, the factory will use 160-180 mesh filter cloth to perform the original material. Preliminary filtration. Use 200-250 mesh filter cloth to filter the glaze. In order to provide customers with higher quality products, we use finer filter cloth to filter the raw materials. Compared with general filter cloth, we The fineness of filtration is increased by 20%. Ensure the quality of the raw materials of the product.

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Afterwards, a wet magnetic separator is used to remove iron impurities. In the ceramic production process, if the clay is doped with metal impurities such as iron, black spots will appear on the fired product, which will reduce the aesthetics of the product after manufacturing. This is usually The spots or impurities. We reduce the proportion of iron impurities in the product raw materials to a minimum by removing iron impurities twice to ensure the quality of the products.After that, the sieved and iron-removed slurry is pumped into the filter press through a plunger pump using a filter press, and the excess water is squeezed out by the filter press to turn the slurry into a mud cake, which is ready for the subsequent process.


Post time: Apr-20-2021