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Recently, Wellwares announced a strategic partnership with a Southeast Asian plastic factory, with both parties planning to jointly develop the market over the next few years and provide high-quality plastic products to European and North American department stores and supermarkets.

It is understood that the Southeast Asian plastic factory is a professional factory that produces plastic products, with advanced production equipment and technology, and an annual production capacity of over 720,000,000pcs. The factory covers an area of approximately 2,000 square meters, including warehouses that can store approximately 10 × 40-feet containers of goods. The factory’s product range is very wide, with more than 200 shapes of products, including product categories such as Houseware, Kitchenware, Laundryware, Gardenware, School & Office plasticware, and even Industrial. The main sales channels are supermarkets and department stores, with reliable quality and favorable prices, which are trusted by customers.


 plastic houseware


As a new partner, Wellwares is very satisfied with the product quality and production capacity of the Southeast Asian plastic factory. According to Wellwares’ procurement manager, Mr. Sam said, “the products of the Southeast Asian plastic factory have undergone strict inspection and testing in terms of quality, meet the standards of European and North American customers, and have high production efficiency and short lead time, which can meet the needs of Wellwares’ leading customers”.

In addition to high-quality product quality and production capacity, the Southeast Asian plastic factory also has a professional R&D team that can customize production according to customer needs. In addition, the factory pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable development and has adopted multiple environmental protection measures in the production process to minimize the impact on the environment.

This cooperation is part of Wellwares’ search for high-quality suppliers worldwide. Wellwares hopes to provide customers with more and better product choices through cooperation with the Southeast Asian plastic factory and create more value for customers.

In summary, the cooperation between Wellwares and the Southeast Asian plastic factory is a win-win choice. Both parties will work together to provide customers worldwide with high-quality, reliable, and environmentally friendly plastic products.

Post time: May-26-2023