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Pad printing tableware has different manufacturing methods in the production process. Unlike decals, the screen process design of pad printing ceramic tableware requires a machine to complete the transfer of the screen. Now the development of technology has greatly improved the pad printing machine. A highly automated pad printing machine can achieve extremely high production speeds with an error of 0.01 mm. Can effectively ensure the accuracy of the picture. Therefore, it is not easy for the picture to be uneven during the manufacturing process. And pad printing tableware can further save the price, and use a lower price to achieve the same design effect.

pad printing

In the production process of pad printing ceramics, the quality of the rubber head and the steel plate plays a key role. We have our own steel plate engraving and production plant. Choosing high-quality steel plates will not easily cause the wear of the steel plates, and the design of the picture is more suitable for the needs. , Our designers will provide clearer product images to facilitate later plate making and improve the texture of the finished product. At present, wellwares can perfectly complete the production of various complex processes of pad printing products, such as single-color pad printing, two-color pad printing, and multi-color pad printing. Meet the needs of each customer for the product.

Post time: Jun-17-2021