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On August 4, Shijiazhuang’s first cross-border e-commerce order “9810″ was successfully declared. This means that the “last mile” of cross-border e-commerce export overseas warehouse services is effectively opened up.

Shijiazhuang Wellwares. operates a cross-border e-commerce business in New Zealand all year round. It sells fine tableware through New Zealand’s online platform. In the past, it was shipped from China to New Zealand. Timeliness cannot be guaranteed. It usually takes 2 weeks to deliver in the hands. After the “9810″ was released in Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang Wellwares quickly contacted the comprehensive public service platform of Shijiazhuang Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone, and sent orders and customs declarations through the Hebei Foreign Comprehensive Service Platform operated by Hebei Guohe Investment Group Co., Ltd. , Push to China (Shijiazhuang) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive public service platform for cross-border e-commerce export declaration, eliminating the need for companies to push and declare themselves, save a lot of time for business development, and truly achieve a one-stop shop service.

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The opening declaration of “9810″ in Shijiazhuang City was implemented under the vigorous promotion of Shijiazhuang City Bureau of Commerce, Zhengding Customs, Hebei Electronic Port and other departments and institutions. The opening of the business provides a full range of technical support, and Sinotrans and Hebei Haijie International Freight Forwarders provide the necessary logistics support.

The successful declaration of the first “9810″ signifies that the Shijiazhuang Comprehensive Pilot Zone and the China (Shijiazhuang) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Public Service Platform have completed all declaration methods for cross-border e-commerce import and export at this stage, and will be a cross-border e-commerce company. Business development and the transformation of traditional foreign trade companies in Shijiazhuang provide necessary conditions and new opportunities.

Post time: Aug-04-2021