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Happy Valentine’s Day.On Valentine’s Day, people have the custom of giving greeting cards and roses and eating chocolate. You received your own Valentine’s Day gift?
Valentine’s Day is now a popular holiday all over the world. In the custom of this holiday, flowers and chocolate are indispensable for celebration. Under normal circumstances, these gifts are given by men to women to express their loyalty and passion for their lovers. In Western mythology, the rose is the representative of the god of love, represents love, and is the most suitable flower for Valentine’s Day.
Roses come in different colors, representing different meanings, and the number of flowers given is also different. A common rose stands for “Only you in my heart”, 11 roses stand for “I only love you for the rest of my life”, and 99 roses symbolize “forever.”
The red rose means “in love”. Most romantic couples choose this color, while the yellow rose means “apology”. If you have a friend who wants to apologize recently, use this color rose as a gift to convey yourself The meaning is also a good choice.


The red “heart shape” in people’s hearts symbolizes romantic and passionate love. Most people think that the heart shape refers to the heart that is throbbing. On Valentine’s Day, we also brought you a heart-shaped decorative ceramic tableware design.This ceramic product uses different heart-shaped designs to decorate the white porcelain plate symbolizing purity. This design is a great choice to decorate your Valentine’s Day dinner.
The heart-shaped symbol (♥) is a symbol of love, and most people think that this symbol is derived from the heart. The heart-shaped symbol is made up of two semi-circular protrusions joined together, with a concave top and a pointed bottom. Usually the heart symbol will be represented in red. I love you and I often use this as a representative.
The heart-shaped pattern is a kind of art. It is a work of art carved with love. For us common people, the heart-shaped pattern is only a pattern representing love. It cannot even be compared with ordinary love. It is useless to burn, and it is a pity to discard it. It’s really useless. An artist is an artist, but the eyes of an artist can discover beauty, create beauty, and show beauty in love that we consider to be garbage. However, ordinary mortals like us can hardly find the inner beauty in such artistic beauty. We will only marvel at the use of heart-shaped waste in the gazing at the flowers, praise the vivid patterns, and praise a small animal. The vividness of a small plant impresses the artist’s extraordinary craftsmanship.

Post time: Feb-14-2021