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Easter is the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross. It is held on the first Sunday after the full moon on March 21 (Vernal Equinox) in the Gregorian calendar. It is a traditional holiday in Western Christian countries. Easter is one of the oldest and most meaningful Christian holidays. It celebrates the resurrection of Christ. Christians all over the world celebrate it every year. Easter also symbolizes rebirth and hope. Easter is the anniversary to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death on the cross. It is held after March 21 or the first Sunday after the full moon. It is a traditional holiday in Western Christian countries.


Easter, like Christmas, is a foreign holiday. The New Testament in the Bible records that Jesus was crucified and resurrected on the third day, hence the name Easter. Easter is the most important holiday of Christianity, and it is more important than Christmas.

In the twelfth century, people added eggs to Easter festivals. Most of the eggs were painted in red, and some were painted in colors and smiling faces. Therefore, they are generally called “Easter eggs” (also commonly called Easter eggs). The original symbolic meaning of the egg is “spring-the beginning of new life”. Christians are used to symbolize “Jesus resurrected and walked out of the stone tomb.” Easter eggs are the most important food symbol in Easter, meaning the beginning and continuation of life. Nowadays, there are many kinds of eggs in various patterns and different forms, such as hollow egg sculptures, which can also be classified as eggs in a broad sense. During this period, there will be two kinds of easter eggs on the market. The smaller one is called fondant, which is a little over an inch long, with a thin layer of chocolate on the outside and sweet and soft dough on the inside, which is then wrapped in colorful tin foil into various shapes. The other is empty eggs, which are slightly larger and generally larger than duck eggs. There is nothing inside, just a chocolate shell. Just break the shell and eat the chocolate chips.
Another symbol of Easter is the little bunny, which people regard as the creator of new life. During the festival, adults will vividly tell children that Easter eggs will hatch into bunny. Many families also put some easter eggs on the garden lawn to let the children play an egg hunting game. Easter bunny and colored eggs have also become popular commodities during the holiday season. The mall sells all kinds of bunny and egg-shaped goods, and small food stores and candy stores are filled with bunny and easter eggs made of chocolate. These “food bunnies” are cute and have different shapes of eggs. They taste sweet and are very suitable for giving to friends.
Typical Easter gifts are related to spring and regeneration: eggs, chicks, bunnies, flowers, especially lilies, are symbols of this season.

Post time: Apr-04-2021