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Pad printing porcelain tableware

Pad printing porcelain tableware

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Pad printing design is a ceramic pattern design process that has slowly emerged in recent years. The designed picture is copied to the surface of ceramic tableware through automated equipment. After years of development, the pad printing process has become more and more mature. More and more advanced. In the production process, a complete set of pattern design pad printing can be completed with minimal manual operations. At the same time, monochrome pad printing process products have a more advantageous price than decal process products. In the technological development of ceramic tableware. Pad printing technology will inevitably gradually become the mainstream. Today we are introducing our newly designed white porcelain tableware with pad printing pattern.


This set of tableware is designed by superimposing minimal lines to make the relationship between line and surface more three-dimensional and layered. Let the dining table get a new breath of life. The matching of white porcelain with pad printing geometric design can further highlight the white porcelain and pad printing effect. There are multiple colors for you to choose, which can meet your color needs, form more tableware color matching, and make the dining table more vibrant. At the same time, the matching method of this white porcelain pad printing process tableware set adopts a matching method that fits the family’s habits, which is more in line with daily use. This set of tableware includes a 10.5-inch plate, a 7.5-inch salad plate, a 5.5-inch bowl, and a 12-ounce cup. All tableware types for daily needs are included to meet daily use. This set of ceramic tableware benefited from the high-temperature firing process. Compared with the past tableware, this set of white porcelain pad printing tableware set has better temperature resistance and quality. It can be used in the household tableware habits of modern people, and can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers.


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