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Life Hope Collection-Porcelain 12PCS dinnerware set

Life Hope Collection-Porcelain 12PCS dinnerware set

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Decal tableware benefits from the advantages of craftsmanship and can highlight richer colors on the ceramic screen. Tableware with different functions has different decoration methods, and the shape of this set of applique tableware is also different from the common ceramic shape.


We at WWS Ceramic pride ourselves on us for color. We take extra care to ensure our colors are as vibrant and beautiful as possible, and that they stay the way for a long time.

This set of ceramic tableware is a 12-piece set.
The matching options are the conventional ones, which contain 3 large 10.5 inch ceramic plates, 3 7.5 inch porcelain salad plates, 3 mugs and 3 porcelain decal bowls. Our ceramic materials are carefully selected. Ensure the porcelain tableware. And our products are because of its good temperature resistance and hardness. It can be directly applied to household dishwashers and microwave ovens. Make daily use more assured.

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