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Jungle Collection Porcelain Dinnerware set 16 Pieces

Jungle Collection Porcelain Dinnerware set 16 Pieces

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The jungle style graphics give you the feeling of being in nature.
The bright colors for the comfort of those who eat with this set.
A unique style, not only for tableware but also as a decoration for your home.


We at WWS Ceramic pride ourselves on us for color. We take extra care to ensure our colors are as vibrant and beautiful as possible, and that they stay the way for a long time. A thick layer of protective glaze over the design both your food and extends a smooth- to-touch glossy surface. Nothing beats the feeling of real ceramic dinnerware. Additionally, the temperatures at which we fire our clay ensure that the product will not crack in the dishwasher and microwave.

The dinnerware set includes 16 pieces, suitable for 4 people, including 4 10.5-inch porcelain dinner plates and 4 7.5-inch ceramic tableware salad plates. Four 5.5-inch porcelain bowls and four 12-ounce cups.

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